I’ve been itching to blog but I really didn’t have anything profound to share except a few random thoughts, ideas and a couple things going down in my life lately so I figured I’d just do a quick RANDOM post.

  • Inspired by Claudia’s comment on my last post I have decided to start a 101 in 1001 list. This is probably going to be a long work in progress and I most likely won’t finish half of it, but it’s healthy to have goals, even if you don’t always get around to them in a set time frame. So I’ll be adding a page for that soon!
  • Some Thoughts

  • Google+ recently launched for a lucky chosen few and I’m really itching to get in on that. I don’t post much on Facebook because I’m a bit of a private person and I’m really looking forward to the Circle feature, especially since it seems to be a really appealing user friendly interface. It’s about time Facebook gets a dose of healthy competition!
  • On Monday I went to see the Dermatologist and got two moles removed. One at his suggestion and one at my request. Ended up with 3 stitches after he removed the one at my request. I’ve never had stitches before and the concept has always sorta freaked me out. I get them taken out on July 11th and that day cannot get here fast enough! Also he had my moles sent to pathology so I guess I’ll be hearing soon if they were bad news moles or not.
  • Every time the movie Julie & Julia comes on one of the movie channels I find myself watching it and each time I get incredibly inspired to blog, write, and cook! This week I got The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit by the same person who brought us The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and I’m contemplating doing my own version of Julie and Julia except with the small Sweet Shoppe cook book. Sounds like fun right? I think so!
  • Other than my randomly playing World of Warcraft again, desire to do something (anything!) creative, and fighting off my sinus’ or the family cold (not sure which), that’s all for now! Hope you all are doing well!

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    1. Samantha says:

      I think you should do it, and tell me which HP treats are worth making lmao!

    2. Rebecca says:

      What a wonderful new blog, Angie! I read your words at Starstruck, and have only just realised you’ve emigrated over to here. It’s gorgeous!

      It’s a shame about your stitches – I’ve never had them before, so I can’t offer any helpful advice or anything! But if your moles do turn out to be bad news, at least you got rid of them! Better to be safe than sorry! I’ve not seen a lot of people talking about Google+ around my home, but I’m sure when it begins to become more popular, everyone will be moving there! Plus, I’ve stopped using Facebook as much nowadays too! I’ve never seen Julie & Julia, I’m afraid. But next time I have a chance to see it on TV, I’ll make sure I watch it. And I love Meryl Streep so that’s a bonus! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Angie.


    3. Claudia says:

      I am really excited to see your list! I also just love watching Julie & Julia. It drives my husband crazy because I watch it so much, but I really do love it 😀

    4. Shannon says:

      Ah, moles. I had a few removed as a child, and the indention are still there. The stitches were less than fun, but not a bad trade-off if it meant getting rid of the moles.

      I love your Julie & Julia/HP cookbook idea. I’ve been meaning to pick up those books, so I’d love to see which ones are worth making and which aren’t.

      Google+ is pretty interesting, if not a FB killer yet. Google hasn’t reactivated invitations officially, but there have been a few workarounds, for those so inclined. 😉

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