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This week went by fast just as I was hoping. Only a few more days of these pesky stitches and let me tell you, my skin is so ready to be rid of them and the adhesive from all the bandaids. I had typed up most of this post yesterday but didn’t finish and forgot all about it once I got home from work. Such is the life of someone with attention problems! So here are more random thoughts, things going on in my life right now:

  • In last week’s random thoughts I mentioned how I really wanted to try out Google+. Lucky for me Shannon stumbled upon my blog and gave me a ninja hookup! I have to say, while it still needs a little tweaking, I’m quite pleased with it! In all the ways Facebook is inconvenient, Google+ is convenient! I especially love the Android App and how it ACTUALLY WORKS! Also the feature that as soon as I take pictures on my phone they’re automatically uploaded to Google+ for future sharing purposes is really handy.
  • My dermatologists’ office called me on Tuesday and told me that the the mole they removed and tested was benign! Praise the Lord! I was pretty confident it wasn’t a problem since I’m not the tanning type but still, you never really know so it’s a huge relief either way!
  • Since before Christmas I’ve occasionally been called on to make some graphics for my church. Nothing major just small stuff. It feels really good to use my skills in a way that helps the mission of the church! In all I’ve helped with 4 different projects and I was just asked to try my hand at another. I came up with something I thought looked good but we’ll see if I delivered the magic that was expected of me!
  • And to close this week’s edition of randomness, I have decided to speak of my nerdiness. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft a bit lately. I only play casually when I do play. I like hunting achievements and collecting pets, mounts and fun objects. I would run heroics if i had decent people to run them with (randoms are just total headaches and 95% of them are rude people) and I don’t have time for Raiding. The problem with that is there are really spiffy mounts that I’ll never get my hands on. So when there are rare spawns that drop awesome mounts like the Phosphorescent Stone Drake, I’m all for it. I’m pretty impatient so camping doesn’t last long for me. Regardless, I’ve been camping it for a couple weeks now.

    I nearly had a heart attack last night because my NPCScan addon started flipping out and in a panic I start looking around for the dragon only to see it zoom past with a cursed alliance character riding on it/attacking it. Such a bummer! So close and yet so far away. So I’ll just continue running it in the background and hope a bit of luck comes my way!

    I hope everyone out there is having a Fabulous Friday! Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?

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    1. Angel says:

      I’m really not seeing the hype about Google+, lol. I just think everyone is so into it now because it’s new. It’ll die down eventually.

      And dude we should start playing Aion again. 😉

    2. Caitlin says:

      Ick, I know how annoying stitches can be especially when they start to get itchy and you’re not allowed to touch ’em! :X Hope you were able to get ’em out by now!
      PS: YAY, so happy for you that eveything went well at the dermotologists’! <3

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