Sayonara Summer Slump

I’ve been eating everything in sight lately and yet somehow I’ve still managed to stay at the same weight. I haven’t really been losing much lately but maybe half a pound here and half a pound there, but that’s okay! I lost a little over 60 pounds, I think I’m allowed to slack a little bit and enjoy some good foodstuffs (within limits, of course).

Autumn peering around the corner and all the yummy food that I keep finding thanks to Pinterest really isn’t helping my obsession with yummy food lately. Part of the most enjoyable part of Autumn and the Holiday Season is all the delicious food! I’m enjoying finding some healthy ingredient substitutions and I think that’s mainly why I’m able to not pay attention to my Weight Watchers point values and still manage to stay at my current weight.

Be that as it may, my plan is NOT to be stuck at this weight. It’s to lose more and hit my healthy BMI range! Lucky for me, Autumn is also the time of year I feel more like getting exercise. After a long hot summer, I’m ready to get moving! I think if I were an animal, instead of hibernating during the winter, I’d hibernate during Summer. I guess that’s why I always eat more and do less in the Summer; I just want to sit in the air conditioning, read a book and eat snacks.

Starting Monday, I’m getting back on track and getting back to being active! I’ve been in a rut lately and I feel like a little change of pace should be just what I need. I’ve also noticed that lately I’m in a terrible mood. I think it’s my annual Summer Slump and I’m SO READY to be rid of it! I can’t wait until I can officially say goodbye to Summer until 2012. I guess for a lot of people that’s what Labor Day weekend is all about!

I’m also hoping to start using my camera a little more often soon and going to try out a few new recipes (and tweak them probably since I rarely follow recipes to the letter) so I might post some pictures or information about those as well! I have some other surprises in order for my sister’s birthday this month that I will definitely be taking pictures of too.

For now I’ll leave you with three of the yummy recipe finds, two are healthy recipes the first not so much, but you can modify it to make it healthier!

Remind me not to post blogs about food at night. Now I’m really hungry and I can’t eat until the morning!

9 Responses to Sayonara Summer Slump

  1. Nicolah says:

    I need to get back on track too. It’s just been so hot. I haven’t wanted to go outside at all. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Hannah says:

    I’m definitely glad to be out of the heat, and spend like 4 hours a day walking around with my dog ^^ Definitely not made for summer either… although the Dutch summers aren’t that bad XD

    That food looks so yummie!! I’m definitely trying out those recipes sometime =D

    • Angie says:

      It’s been SO nice here this week, but I know the hot weather isn’t over yet. It’s not usually nice until October.

      You have EXTREME winters over there though. I’d take that over a nasty hot/humid summer anytime. BRB Moving to the Netherlands. 😉

  3. Jessica Ann says:

    Hey Babe,

    I am so glad that Fall is around the corner because that means my birthday and halloween. But that is good that you’re staying your same weight.. I wish I could do that.. but sadly I can’t. I need to get into Pintrest and find out what it’s all about.. I have an account there I just never used it.

    • Angie says:

      YAY! I love Halloween so much! I can’t wait! Aww.. usually I can’t either and I haven’t weighed in in two weeks so I’m afraid to see if I gained any. I feel like I have this time, but I’m hoping I’ll be surprised again!

      Pinterest is awesome and inspiring! You should use it!

  4. Ayel says:

    That’s good for you! I am jealous. I would love to eat anything I want without the guilt that I might gain pounds, i hate it! 🙂 ^__^

    more food blogs and photos! 🙂

    • Angie says:

      I think I spoke too soon. Actually gained 3 pounds over the past 2 weeks. I was without power for 30 hours and did nothing but eat that entire time though, so I’ll excuse myself. Back on track now, though!

      Got a food/photo blog coming soon! 🙂

  5. Ayel says:

    hi angie! 🙂 take care sweetie!

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