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Silly Human Confessions of a Geeky People Pleaser

Most random blog subject line in the history of this blog! What can I say? I’m just in that place right now and I’m owning it. The last three days I’ve gotten to have the house all to myself. I forgot how fantastic it is to just have one on one time with yourself. Being able to do whatever the blazes you want, go wherever you want and eat whatever you want without having to even consider what someone else wants. It’s been a relaxing and liberating few days! I definitely needed it, too. Pampered myself a little bit but most importantly got to have a lot of time to evaluate things.

I was thinking this morning how we humans operate in strange ways sometimes. We go through periods of our lives where we throw all logic out of the way and make unnecessary sacrifices for silly reasons. I was just thinking about my own self and my hobbies and the things that I used to enjoy doing and what I do now. I used to be pretty hardcore about playing video games. I know when I started living a healthier lifestyle, I definitely played video games less in favor of a more active lifestyle but I never stopped enjoying playing games. This morning I had that all too familiar feeling, that desire to play an old favorite video game. Why did I quit playing? Well, for one it’s not free to play and I don’t have the extra money right now to waste on a subscription, but I stopped before that was the case. Somehow along the way I convinced myself I didn’t enjoy playing that game anymore, however, that is not true. If I was to log in right now, I’m pretty sure I’d get sucked back in pretty quickly doing all the things I used to like doing when I used to play. So what happened?

I’ll tell you what happened and this principle can apply to our lives in many different ways, not just with video games. What happened was I forfeit the way I enjoyed playing to play the way others play. In other words, to fit in and to be accepted I stopped playing the game for me and instead played for others and when I did that I lost all the joy I used to have playing.

Do you do this in your life? Do you find yourself changing and doing things different in order to please others? Are you a people pleaser? And if you are have you noticed that eventually it just steals your own joy away? You can’t please everyone and when you constantly try, you’ll just end up being the most disappointed one. I struggle with this on a regular basis. Silly human, why do you do this? Why do you constantly sacrifice the things you love, the things you enjoy and the things you want for the sake of others? This is not the recipe for happiness. This is the recipe for disappointment and unhappiness.

For those of you out there like me, we should probably be adapting a little less. Be less of a chameleon and more of a honey badger. Honey badger? Why the honey badger? Because honey badgers don’t give a crap what anyone thinks they just do their thing. Plus they’re brave critters and sometimes we need to be more courageous in who we are and remember that we don’t have to be shades of ourselves to be accepted, loved and appreciated. We can be exactly who we are, our quirky selves, our geeky selves or whoever you truly are and we are still loved. Loved by the one who created the world and everything in it. He loves us just as we are!

Is The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side?

I’ve been spending an unusual amount of time in my own thoughts lately which is really saying something considering I already spend so much of my time there to begin with. Sometimes people give me a hard time about not being able to hear well, which I usually respond by saying it’s not that I can’t hear, it’s that I hear EVERYTHING all at once. Which is very true, however, sometimes in addition to all the other sounds around me, I’m also deafened by my own thoughts. This brings to mind the famous “teaspoon” quote Hermione dropped on Ron in Harry Potter. Seriously, I know all my fellow ladies understand this struggle. We are ALWAYS thinking, planning, and/or worrying about something and usually it’s at least a dozen things at once!

For me lately, I’ve been looking back on past choices and comparing them to the choices in front of me at the moment. I feel like I’m in a state of deja vu. About a year ago I was in a similar place. I was on the brink of making very difficult decisions and knowing I was going to disappoint people by making them regardless of what I chose. I had these big hopes and dreams for the future but wasn’t sure how they were going to pan out. I knew I had to take a risk because I didn’t want to be left wondering years down the line what could have happened. The grass looked so much greener on the other side.

Sometimes where the grass is greener it’s only for the season. Then the drought comes: The grass starts starving for water, eventually dries up and just waits for the drought to end. Funny how that’s where I was in my life a year ago. I was in a life drought. I was waiting for the rain to come. I made a change, I packed my life up (or at least the some of my life) and moved to a new place. It was in the Fall on the brink of Winter, that is, if you can even call it Winter in California. If you’ve never been to California, Fall/Winter pretty much equals Spring. It can be rainy and when it rains everything then turns green and blooms! I was in heaven. Winter in Virginia is usually pretty depressing. All the trees are bare and the grass is dormant. I ended up going back home for a couple months at the end of Winter and I left the beautiful weather in California to blizzard-like conditions in Virginia. When my plane was descending it was a Winter Wonderland below with giant piles of shoveled snow on the sides of the roads. After two months, it was finally starting to be Spring in Virginia. Everything was lush, green and blooming again. Just in time for me to go back to California. It wasn’t lush and green there anymore. The only green was on the trees and the resilient weeds and ice plants that survive without much water. Everything else was dried up.

'Winter' in California 'Winter' in Virginia 'Spring' in California

I share this story only to make a point. Sometimes the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and if it is, it might only be temporary. Sometimes you might find yourself in that place where the grass looked greener only now wishing to go back to where you were before. If you find yourself there, that’s when you have to appreciate the journey. Just like the grass is only greener certain times of the year, sometimes the season of life you’re in needs a change. You might make the wrong decisions and then have to turn right back around again and start over, but there’s always something you will have gained from that journey. For me, the last year has definitely been full of new experiences, learning new things, meeting new people and discovering more about myself, my dreams and what I want in the future.

So no matter where the next chapter of my life takes me, I’m holding onto to that. Nothing is a waste of time. We are always being shaped and molded into an even greater version of ourselves. Embrace life no matter where you find yourself. The struggles, the heartaches and all the storms of life will eventually pass and then the grass will be greener right where you find yourself.

5 Ways to Revive your Life!

Knowland Park
The whole reason I created this blog is because I have this “excitable” side to my personality and somewhere along the way I stopped posting and maybe even lost a little bit of my passion for living life with excitement. So as a reminder to myself and to others I figured it’s high time for me to get back on track with posting more often.

To say I’ve been on an adventure while I haven’t been posting is absolutely an understatement. Since I last posted on here a lot of things have happened:
Me with Sabrina, a dog I trained!

  • Joined as a Perfectly Posh Consultant and started selling the most amazing pampering products.
  • Started my own etsy crochet shop with the cutest name ever, Enchanthread!
  • My Mom spent a week in the hospital in the fall and that was a very scary time.
  • I moved to California for change and to find a new job.
  • Spent my first Holiday Season away from home.
  • Tried a bunch of new food and explored a lot of new places!
  • I found and got involved in a new church.
  • I learned how to train dogs and got to work as a dog trainer.
  • I sold my Ford Fiesta and bought a Mazda3 in California.
  • My step-brother got married.
  • I led worship with a solo song for the first time.

  • And those are just the things I remembered right off the top of my head! Amidst all this adventure, I certainly have found myself in some of the lowest of lows. Being away from home at Christmas, homesickness, the job search stress, crushed hopes and facing tough decisions. My personality is typically upbeat, positive, happy and, of course, excitable so when I find myself going through the storms of life, I definitely am constantly trying to find that rainbow as soon as possible. So here’s 5 things I do to try and revive my life and keep that excitement strong (something I’ve really been working hard at, lately).

    1. Be Thankful! – This should be a no-brainer but sometimes it’s not easy to mentally give yourself a break from a bad situation and take a look at what you have to be thankful for. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. A job, a family, friends, a roof over your head, meals on the table are the easy things to name but think about the things you take for granted like being able to breathe and be alive or even the little things you appreciate in life like a beautiful day and the things that make you smile.

    2. Find Your Own Happiness! – Sometimes we rely far too much on others to make us happy. When I think about the times I’ve most appreciated living and felt the most happy, it’s when I’ve been the one completely in control of my own happiness. It’s been the times that I’ve stopped trying to do everything for everyone else and briefly just made time for myself to do whatever it was that I wanted. For me, what that is varies depending on my mood, sometimes it’s just curling up with a good book, crocheting a project for myself (rather than for someone else), spend time pampering myself or going on a solo shopping trip!

    3. Learn Something New! – Occasionally we get stuck in a life rut dealing with the daily monotony and the same old routines. One of my favorite ways to blast through those pesky life ruts is to learn something new. Over the last 9 months I’ve started dabbling more into the baking world and it’s been so much fun baking my own bread and getting to try new baking recipes out. It’s something I never really had time or the desire to try before but it’s a lot of fun and a pretty healthy alternative to all the processed choices in the stores! Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of different things and picked up some new talents and hobbies and I usually end up surprising myself. Not to mention it’s a great confidence builder to prove to yourself that you ARE capable of doing new and different things!

    4. Go On An Adventure! – An “adventure” doesn’t have to be anything extreme or expensive. Maybe challenge yourself out of your comfort zone, try a new place to eat, or visit a new town and explore. Find a new trail to hike or park to walk around. That’s been one of my favorite parts about moving to a new state and especially one with so many places to explore. It makes me wish I had been a little more adventurous back in Virginia, too, because it’s a great way to find more reasons to love where you live which also leads to living with more gratitude! You’ll be surprised how much fun you have, too!

    5. Get Spiritual! – Last but certainly not least, one of the things that has always been important to me when I’m struggling in some way is to refocus on my spiritual life. There’s been times in my life when my spiritual life has been on FIRE and those have always been the seasons of my life where God has encouraged me to grow in other ways in life too. It’s made me more courageous and more accepting of whatever path I find myself on. Just taking an hour in the morning and dedicating that time to doing Bible devotions and in prayer, always starts my day off right and I tend to have better days as a result, too.

    Beyond these 5 things, there are so many other ways to revive your life and I just wrote about the first 5 that came to my mind. Feel free to comment with some of your favorite ways to rejuvenate when things get tough or boring. I’d love to hear more ideas!