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Site Information
This domain was registered on January 3, 2011 from Go Daddy and hosted by Surpass Hosting. On June 9, 2001, the site finally went live. The blog is powered by WordPress and the very first design was made for me by the incredibly talented Tawni over at Forever Design Studio. Right now the adorable theme I’m using was designed and coded for me by my good friend, Ang, who is just starting out doing designs for clients. If you’re in need, I absolutely recommend her services!

Behind the Name
You know what people say about books and their covers? I am definitely one such book. If you were to meet me offline for the first time, your first impression might be any or all of these adjectives: snobby, shy, awkward, quiet, boring, etc.

Essentially a some of those are probably spot on (shy, quiet and awkward) especially when I don’t know you very well. However, as I get more comfortable you will probably find I am not really any of those adjectives. In fact, if I had to use one word to describe myself it would simply be: excitable.

If you have ever played The Sims 3 and chosen the “excitable” personality trait you will pretty much see ME. When I’m excited about something, I act exactly as an excitable Sim would. Little things make me excited to the point where I will clap excitedly or jump up and down like a little kid in a toy store (sometimes I’ll do both at the same time). I’m probably even more “excitable” online. Excessive exclamation points and smileys? You got it!

Bottom line: I get excited a LOT. Mostly about stuff I’m really passionate about or things I really enjoy. It doesn’t just stop there, though. I get excited about life and the future too! This is why I went with “excitable” when I got this domain name. I feel like everyone would do good to have a little dose of excitement in their lives. In fact, I think it’s probably a healthy thing too! I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older this trait of mine has started to fade a little and when I think about that, it makes me a little sad so I think this blog will help keep me excited about the little things in life as well as help others to find the excitement in their own!

So this is me doing my part to share my excitement with the world in hopes to inspire excitement in your lives in the process!

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