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I Like This

It’s been far too long since my last blog. Turns out I’ve been pretty busy lately and it’s mostly all the GOOD kind of busy. For a long time I’ve been the kind of person that just wants to keep to myself and do my own thing but I feel like I’m finally getting more comfortable out in the world! Since my last post a lot has gone down.. I’ll try to do a quick recap.

  • It’s finally OFFICIALLY fall. (Isn’t it funny I posted so much about Fall before it even got here and now that it’s here I disappear from the blogosphere?)
  • Went to my Church’s Volunteer Tailgate Party and HAD. A. BLAST even in the RAIN!
  • Designed another postcard for my Church which always makes me feel so fulfilled and helpful!
  • My face paint!

  • Went to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg TWICE and had a BLAST both times despite laughing until near suffocation numerous times.
  • Had the opportunity to volunteer for a special event at my Church and it was an AMAZING experience. I had no idea what I was even going to be helping with when I decided to help but I am SO happy I did it. I played a role in helping a number of people out of 399 that spontaneously got Baptized over two Sundays at my church. I had chills practically the entire time. Such a powerful moment and so glad I could help out people who made that decision!
  • Made some really cute (and tasty!) Halloween treats for my Community Group snack!
  • My baby niece, Alysa, turned ONE YEAR OLD on October 17th! That miracle child is such a blessing and I love her so much!
  • I have suddenly become obsessed with K-Pop thanks to my little sister and have also started (barely) learning Korean as a result.
  • Joined a penpal website and now have some new snail mail penpals and I am also starting new friendships with people around the world.
  • I have taken on the responsibility of helping one such friend through a really rough time. Not really sure how much help I am, but I feel good for trying and also for using it as an opportunity to talk about Jesus and link them to some videos of my Church’s past services.
  • I’ve nearly hit the 70 pounds lost milestone in my weight loss (Less than 2 pounds away!).
  • Here are two pictures of me with my sisters after we got our faces painted at Howl-O-Scream!

    So there you have it! I also have a lot coming up too. Not only are the holidays right around the corner, but I’m going to a Pumpkin Carving Party next weekend and just really excited about the future. I don’t really know where this change in me has come from but I’m really enjoying being more social and having more fun! Hope you all are having an awesome Fall so far!

    Fall Fever

    After a cold and brutal winter, the first sign of warm weather makes people start acting all crazy. People call this Spring Fever. I guess that’s because people wake up after their winter hibernation and they want to go out, be social, meet new people, and find love. While I enjoy that first bit of warmer weather before the humidity of Summer sets in, I don’t really get Spring Fever. In fact, I mostly associate Spring as the season where:

  • The nice weather doesn’t last long enough. (Just call it Early Summer.)
  • All the bugs come out to play. (I don’t do bugs.)
  • It seems everyone who can’t drive is out on the road. (I don’t have road rage, I swear.)
  • There is EVIL POLLEN. (Allergies should die.)
  • That’s just part of the reason why Spring isn’t really the top of my favorite season list. Although, don’t get me wrong, I do love all the vibrant colors of all the flowers and trees blooming but it’s just not as amazing as Fall is to me.

    Where I lack in Spring Fever, I certainly MORE than make up for with my FALL FEVER! My Fall Fever is SO extreme it needs to be diagnosed and medicated. Want proof? You’ll have it when you see all of the Halloween stuff I bought last weekend in an upcoming post. Today is the first REALLY cool day and it’s not even officially Fall yet, but I know it’s coming and it just puts me in this dreamy state of mind. It plants within me this seed of hope and has me really wishing to find someone special. I feel like the magic of this time of year would just be even more magical if I had someone to share it with. While I trust God’s timing, I’ve been praying a lot lately that He will bring someone into my life and that I will have the courage and wisdom to handle it.

    Other than that, this weekend there’s a fun Church event happening for all the volunteers. It’s a big Tailgate party! I’m really excited for it now that my Community Group is participating in it together! As a single person with a hatchback car, I wasn’t really sure about going but now that I’ll be hanging with my group, I’m all about it! I’m going to make some yummy dips and bring chips and we’re going to SWEEP all the awards (tackiest tailgate, best food, etc.)! And hey, even if we don’t win any awards, at least a fun time will have been had by all. I will take pictures and I’m praying the rain doesn’t ruin our fun!

    I also still have 2 other picture posts coming soon! Hopefully this weekend. For now, I leave you with a couple more Fall Finds on Pinterest and a discussion question!

    Fall Bucket List Pumpkin Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting

    Do you get FALL or SPRING fever and what are your symptoms of either (or both)?

    Sayonara Summer Slump

    I’ve been eating everything in sight lately and yet somehow I’ve still managed to stay at the same weight. I haven’t really been losing much lately but maybe half a pound here and half a pound there, but that’s okay! I lost a little over 60 pounds, I think I’m allowed to slack a little bit and enjoy some good foodstuffs (within limits, of course).

    Autumn peering around the corner and all the yummy food that I keep finding thanks to Pinterest really isn’t helping my obsession with yummy food lately. Part of the most enjoyable part of Autumn and the Holiday Season is all the delicious food! I’m enjoying finding some healthy ingredient substitutions and I think that’s mainly why I’m able to not pay attention to my Weight Watchers point values and still manage to stay at my current weight.

    Be that as it may, my plan is NOT to be stuck at this weight. It’s to lose more and hit my healthy BMI range! Lucky for me, Autumn is also the time of year I feel more like getting exercise. After a long hot summer, I’m ready to get moving! I think if I were an animal, instead of hibernating during the winter, I’d hibernate during Summer. I guess that’s why I always eat more and do less in the Summer; I just want to sit in the air conditioning, read a book and eat snacks.

    Starting Monday, I’m getting back on track and getting back to being active! I’ve been in a rut lately and I feel like a little change of pace should be just what I need. I’ve also noticed that lately I’m in a terrible mood. I think it’s my annual Summer Slump and I’m SO READY to be rid of it! I can’t wait until I can officially say goodbye to Summer until 2012. I guess for a lot of people that’s what Labor Day weekend is all about!

    I’m also hoping to start using my camera a little more often soon and going to try out a few new recipes (and tweak them probably since I rarely follow recipes to the letter) so I might post some pictures or information about those as well! I have some other surprises in order for my sister’s birthday this month that I will definitely be taking pictures of too.

    For now I’ll leave you with three of the yummy recipe finds, two are healthy recipes the first not so much, but you can modify it to make it healthier!

    Remind me not to post blogs about food at night. Now I’m really hungry and I can’t eat until the morning!