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Don’t Mess With My Chi!!

It has been about a week since my first acupuncture appointment and I had my second appointment this morning. The first experience was pretty relaxing. Upon my arrival he looked at my tongue and checked the pulse in both of my wrists for a very lengthy amount of time. Since my Mom had visited him before, this wasn’t a surprise to me at all. He also explained “Chi” to me and told me what he learned from my tongue/pulse analysis. Not really entirely sure what it all means about my health overall but at the time I was just desperate to get it over with and hopefully get some pain relief.

Then he felt around on my back and asked me if the certain areas caused me pain. I informed him it was mostly on the left side and into my left hip. He mentioned to me that he thought it had a lot to do with my posture and working a desk job (he also told me I should get up every so often, stretch and walk around, etc.). He put most of the needles in my lower back and upper hip region, and no, it didn’t hurt! A couple times I felt a bit of a pinch but mostly I didn’t feel anything at all. He also put one in each hand and one in each ear (my second appointment he didn’t put any in my ears) and then he put a heat lamp over me and let me sit there for for a while.. 30-40 minutes maybe? It was really relaxing. Afterwards when he took all the needles out (again, I didn’t feel a thing!) he kinda felt around and massaged up and down my spine and around my hip area and I was amazed that the pain that was there at the start, was GONE! I felt amazing!

Proper Computer Desk PostureThat night, however, I had a rough time. My hip started hurting pretty bad and I couldn’t even get comfortable, lay down, sit or anything. Thankfully every day after that.. I felt a little better each day (well except on Friday when sitting in my terrible office chair made my back so stiff). I went out this past weekend to go on a mission to choose a new office chair which has made a HUGE difference in my back getting stiff when I’m at work and I learned a lot about what to look for in a desk chair too and my old chair was absolutely no help whatsoever in that regard.

This morning I woke up feeling better than I have in weeks. No ibuprofen even necessary so far and my second treatment was just as wonderful as the first. I’m so thankful to finally be on the mend!

It’s been a learning experience though. Most of us don’t typically think about our health in terms of “Chi” or “Qi“, which is essentially the energy flowing through your body. My acupuncturist explained that we often develop blockages in our chi. Doing my own research, I’ve found that a number of things can cause your chi to be blocked. Stress, probably being the most common. Anyway, I won’t get into the details (because I certainly don’t know the ins and outs of it all) but it definitely is fascinating and I can definitely tell I feel a little more at peace after having acupuncture. The little things that usually bother me, just don’t seem to be phasing me these days.

Walt WhitmanWhich brings me to the reason for my subject line. We encounter all types of people throughout our lives and I know we can all at least name ONE person in our lives that just exudes negativity. That’s just part of life. You’re going to run into negative people. There are people who are going to try and make less of any success you achieve, anything that makes you happy or corrupt your positive energy with their negative energy. Here’s the thing.. you don’t have to let them! Just brush it off and keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing SOMETHING right, and they are not. That’s probably why they are trying to bring you down. Psh! Don’t let people criticize you for doing something RIGHT! Don’t let them screw up your chi!

I encountered one such person today. I’m in such a great mood, I’m feeling blessed and thankful, happy and excited and this person just jumps on my case because I didn’t handle a situation in the exact manner he would have. I’m sure his way is effective but so is mine. You do you and I’ll do me, thank you very much!