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Wannabe 8 Year Old

When is the last time you went to a toy store? If you’re not a parent or you don’t really have any little nieces/nephews/siblings, then chances are it’s probably been a long while. For me it certainly had been, however, over the last year I think I’ve browsed more toy stores/toy sections in total than I have in maybe my entire life. Such is the territory when you are a kid at heart and you are also dating someone else who is one too. Some of the most fun times spent on my California vacation in February were spent in toy stores with my boyfriend. Yep, that’s right! Out of all the amazing places I got to visit and things I got to see, I really think some of my favorite memories of that entire trip were our visits to toy stores. When it comes down to it we’re both just two big kids.

He raved about this huge toy store in the Downtown San Luis Obispo shopping center which, of course, we had to visit when we were in town visiting his college campus. It definitely didn’t disappoint and that store had some old childhood games that I had completely forgotten all about. Then he took me to the toy store he would frequent as a kid in San Mateo on my very last day in California. I don’t even know how much time we were in there playing with little windup toys and browsing aisle to aisle, but it was a great memory to close out my trip. Plus he bought me a cute little zebra plush there too and surprised me with it (if you understood his dislike for my zebra obsession, you would know this is a BIG DEAL.

The Thing & Wolverine Mighty MuggsFor almost a month now my boyfriend has been collecting Mighty Muggs. It started because he stole two that his sister had bought from Target a while back. Turns out these adorable little vinyl toys have been discontinued and so they are even harder to find these days than they were originally. In an effort to help him because I’m an enabler, I have been hitting up every store I can think of within my local area checking every toy section to check to see if they might have any. The closest I came was finding ONE of the Thor Mini Muggs at Toys R Us. He informed me that those are not Will kid friendly. Which basically means he doesn’t think they are as cute as the Mighty Muggs. So in my search for his toys I managed to, instead, find toys that I wanted to start collecting.

Disney Mystery MinisWe’ve all seen those Funko Pop! vinyl figures (NO, I’m NOT collecting those) practically everywhere, right? Well, Funko also has “Mystery Minis”. I’m not even sure how many different sets there are, but I discovered there are DISNEY Mystery Minis. Basically you buy a tiny box and it has one of the following Disney characters in it (with 3 varying expressions each): Mickey, Jack Skellington, Pooh, Stitch, Maleficent, Mike Wazowski, Sulley or Tinkerbell. I tried my luck and bought three. All of which were Stitch. Now don’t get me wrong, Stitch is adorable, but I was disappointed that I didn’t at least get some more variety (and I’m really hoping for Maleficent or Jack). Upon searching further, I continued coming up empty where the Mighty Muggs were concerned even after hitting the Vinyl Toy jackpot at Barnes and Noble. Now I am also wanting to start collecting the Tokidoki Unicornos. Okay.. maybe I’ll stop if I can just get the zebra one! You see what I’ve become? I have turned back into an 8 year old child. I’m 29 going on 8 apparently!

The point of this is more than to just be completely random and to seem like I’m out of my mind (which I am, clearly). Sometimes we all should try to take a step back from our busy schedules, stressful jobs, everyday problems and just remember what it’s like to be a kid. Remember what it’s like to get excited about something seemingly pointless. Remember when our biggest concern was completing a collection of toys, baseball cards, legos, barbies, pollypockets, action figures, etc. I don’t know what it was for you when you were a kid, but don’t you often wish you could go back to when you didn’t have a care in the world? Who says we can’t? Maybe we should all remember to be a little bit more carefree and to enjoy more of the little things that make life so beautiful.