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Sunday Snippets

Lately I’ve been on a mission to challenge myself more. I don’t even know why it started.. maybe I just felt like it would be a nice way to revive my life. Not that my life needed to be revived, but hey.. we can always use improving, right? So first it started with.. “30 Day Squat Challenge? 55-250 Squats a day? I CAN DO THAT!” I almost did too! But at Day 28 I threw my back out again. But hey! My legs have never looked better! Then I said.. “HEY! I’m challenging myself to drink more water daily. 12 8oz. cups per day? SURE!” Haha! This one is an ongoing challenge, but it makes a huge difference too. My skin has never looked so good!

Anyway, point is I like the feeling of seeing a challenge and having the confidence in myself to be able to see it through. Maybe this is the way I’ve been living my life for the last three years but it’s been great. So I want to encourage you to do the same. Challenge yourself! Whether it’s to workout more, break your own fitness records, drink more water, or just speak out every positive thought about someone. Seriously, have you ever watched someone after they’ve been complimented (especially girls) I feel like you can just see their aura glow when they’ve been complimented. NEVER HOLD BACK A COMPLIMENT! SPEAK IT! Anyway, I digress.. just challenge yourself. It keeps life interesting!

So, in the spirit of challenges.. I need to CHALLENGE myself to get back to blogging. I stopped over the last year and a half for really stupid reasons. Won’t go into detail, but blogging makes me happy and I’m on a mission to do more of what makes me happy. Also, I want a place to post about my fitness adventures (AND CHALLENGES) and start posting some before an afters. Something I wish I did when I first started my health journey 3 years ago. BUT, no time like the present! So I’ll work on digging up old photos and make a nice before and after to show you guys and start taking pictures more regularly so I can see my progress (because sometimes I still feel like I’m that 244 pound girl).

And one last snippet for today.. On this day 7 years ago, my brother left this Earth and joined the party up in Heaven. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in that 7 years.. not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and even just the personal growth. I’ve changed so much just in this last year. I wonder if when he looks down from time to time if he’s proud of the woman I’ve become and the choices I’ve made. I’m sure he won’t agree with ALL of my choices.. but I hope he’s at least proud of me.

That’s all for today’s snippets. Going to work on updating the blog and fix some plugins and such! Stay tuned!


I’ve been feeling good lately. Started a new workout regimen and it’s been kicking my BUTT. It’s good though. I’ve lost weight thanks to Weight Watchers but lately I’ve hit a bit of a plateau and I have troublesome areas that need a lot of work. So I started ChaLEAN Extreme and holy crow, it certainly IS extreme. I like it because the workouts pretty much vary on a daily basis so it keeps it different and interesting.

Regardless of feeling so good, lately I’ve been feeling sorta trapped. Like I’ve got this giant glass jar over me and it only allows me to go so far. I’m really starting to want to break out of this giant glass jar I’m caught in but part of me is also very comfortable in the constrains of this jar and the security it offers me.

These last couple years I’ve definitely made some serious advances toward breaking out of this jar. I’ve forced myself out of my comfort zone and even had great success as a result of it, but occasionally I feel like those glass walls are closing back in. I feel like things are never going to change for me. I feel like my fears in life are just going to haunt me until they inevitably come true. I find I get discouraged when I work hard to step out of my comfort zone hoping more things will happen for me and they don’t. I guess I’m learning to accept that there are some things about myself that I just won’t be able to change. I’m sure there’s a reason for it. God wouldn’t have made me the person I am without a reason behind it.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

So I’m just going to keep breaking through these glass walls as much as I can and hope that eventually I will be free of them for good and find my purpose in this world.

Speaking of my fears, I’m conquering one of them this coming Monday. I’m going to the Doctor and getting some moles removed. One more thing I can check off my list of things I need to get done and also things that I’m insecure about that I will finally be rid of. Hopefully they won’t be malignant or anything, so say a little prayer for me!