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It’s Been A While

One of the things I used to love doing was posting blogs, sharing my thoughts, feelings, struggles, inspiration, and all the little things that excite me. However, at some point I allowed myself to stop doing so because there were people in my life who looked down on it. They thought the only reason for doing such a thing was to draw attention to themselves. That’s never what it’s been about for me. I don’t post things out in the world just to get attention, I don’t care about likes or comments, I don’t want fame or to have a huge following that I need to keep up with, and I don’t do it to let people in to the deepest darkest innermost thoughts and personal problems in my life. I try to only draw inspiration from the things I’ve been through or are currently going through without airing my dirty laundry or letting everyone in to my private life. In fact, I’m actually a very private person. I guess if you follow me at all on social media you probably know a few things about me and my interests, but I’d like to think I’m still very much a mystery to most people. I don’t open up easy. I don’t tell people I’m struggling. I keep smiling. I keep my head up. I don’t talk about everything, in fact, I struggle talking about myself, I don’t like to ask for help and I even struggle to ask for prayer when I most need it. I don’t want the attention. I don’t want to burden people with my problems because everybody else has enough on their own plates.

So here’s the thing.. the reason why I use social media and the reason why I really used to love posting blogs is mostly for myself. Writing is one of the best outlets for me and often looking back on my old posts is a great help to me but also if by posting something I help inspire even ONE person or I help ONE person get through something they’re going through, then that’s worth it to me. I hope in being positive and keeping focused on being more excited about life that it helps others to focus on that, too. The world is full of enough sadness, stress, heartache, harsh criticism, tragedy.. what harm is there in sharing a little bit of the good parts of life?

I’ve been going through a lot the last few months. I’d venture to say I’ve probably never struggled more or been more lost/confused about life and if I had kept writing not only would I have probably felt more at peace and relieved but I think I’d probably have a better idea of where my head and heart are at. If there’s one thing that is true about me it’s that I’m not good with the spoken word (but I am getting better). I have a tendency to jumble up words and forget what I was going to say or just completely lose my train of thought when I’m speaking.. but with writing, it’s easier. It’s more fluid. It keeps me focused. Written word has always been my forte and because of that, the written word is more meaningful to me when it comes from others too.

I don’t know why I let other people try to change that about me and try to discourage me from being me and doing the things that help me. But here’s to a new chapter. Here’s to getting back to doing the things that make me feel better. Here’s to getting back to sharing the excitement in life a little more. I’ll maybe try to post once a week to start and see how it goes from there. After all, it’s been a while and I can’t be too hasty, gotta ease back into it!

5 Ways to Revive your Life!

Knowland Park
The whole reason I created this blog is because I have this “excitable” side to my personality and somewhere along the way I stopped posting and maybe even lost a little bit of my passion for living life with excitement. So as a reminder to myself and to others I figured it’s high time for me to get back on track with posting more often.

To say I’ve been on an adventure while I haven’t been posting is absolutely an understatement. Since I last posted on here a lot of things have happened:
Me with Sabrina, a dog I trained!

  • Joined as a Perfectly Posh Consultant and started selling the most amazing pampering products.
  • Started my own etsy crochet shop with the cutest name ever, Enchanthread!
  • My Mom spent a week in the hospital in the fall and that was a very scary time.
  • I moved to California for change and to find a new job.
  • Spent my first Holiday Season away from home.
  • Tried a bunch of new food and explored a lot of new places!
  • I found and got involved in a new church.
  • I learned how to train dogs and got to work as a dog trainer.
  • I sold my Ford Fiesta and bought a Mazda3 in California.
  • My step-brother got married.
  • I led worship with a solo song for the first time.

  • And those are just the things I remembered right off the top of my head! Amidst all this adventure, I certainly have found myself in some of the lowest of lows. Being away from home at Christmas, homesickness, the job search stress, crushed hopes and facing tough decisions. My personality is typically upbeat, positive, happy and, of course, excitable so when I find myself going through the storms of life, I definitely am constantly trying to find that rainbow as soon as possible. So here’s 5 things I do to try and revive my life and keep that excitement strong (something I’ve really been working hard at, lately).

    1. Be Thankful! – This should be a no-brainer but sometimes it’s not easy to mentally give yourself a break from a bad situation and take a look at what you have to be thankful for. There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. A job, a family, friends, a roof over your head, meals on the table are the easy things to name but think about the things you take for granted like being able to breathe and be alive or even the little things you appreciate in life like a beautiful day and the things that make you smile.

    2. Find Your Own Happiness! – Sometimes we rely far too much on others to make us happy. When I think about the times I’ve most appreciated living and felt the most happy, it’s when I’ve been the one completely in control of my own happiness. It’s been the times that I’ve stopped trying to do everything for everyone else and briefly just made time for myself to do whatever it was that I wanted. For me, what that is varies depending on my mood, sometimes it’s just curling up with a good book, crocheting a project for myself (rather than for someone else), spend time pampering myself or going on a solo shopping trip!

    3. Learn Something New! – Occasionally we get stuck in a life rut dealing with the daily monotony and the same old routines. One of my favorite ways to blast through those pesky life ruts is to learn something new. Over the last 9 months I’ve started dabbling more into the baking world and it’s been so much fun baking my own bread and getting to try new baking recipes out. It’s something I never really had time or the desire to try before but it’s a lot of fun and a pretty healthy alternative to all the processed choices in the stores! Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of different things and picked up some new talents and hobbies and I usually end up surprising myself. Not to mention it’s a great confidence builder to prove to yourself that you ARE capable of doing new and different things!

    4. Go On An Adventure! – An “adventure” doesn’t have to be anything extreme or expensive. Maybe challenge yourself out of your comfort zone, try a new place to eat, or visit a new town and explore. Find a new trail to hike or park to walk around. That’s been one of my favorite parts about moving to a new state and especially one with so many places to explore. It makes me wish I had been a little more adventurous back in Virginia, too, because it’s a great way to find more reasons to love where you live which also leads to living with more gratitude! You’ll be surprised how much fun you have, too!

    5. Get Spiritual! – Last but certainly not least, one of the things that has always been important to me when I’m struggling in some way is to refocus on my spiritual life. There’s been times in my life when my spiritual life has been on FIRE and those have always been the seasons of my life where God has encouraged me to grow in other ways in life too. It’s made me more courageous and more accepting of whatever path I find myself on. Just taking an hour in the morning and dedicating that time to doing Bible devotions and in prayer, always starts my day off right and I tend to have better days as a result, too.

    Beyond these 5 things, there are so many other ways to revive your life and I just wrote about the first 5 that came to my mind. Feel free to comment with some of your favorite ways to rejuvenate when things get tough or boring. I’d love to hear more ideas!


    Waiting Game

    On several occasions I’ve had people comment about how patient I am with people. I guess I am pretty patient when it comes to people who might not be easy to deal with. I just like giving people the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, I’m still not a very patient person. Maybe I’m patient where it counts most, but I wouldn’t consider myself as a patient person.

    For instance, when I’m excited about something coming up, my patience fails. Same goes for when something scary is coming up. I get anxious to the point of turning into a total worry wart over it. The unknown scares me so when I know uncharted territory lies ahead, I get impatient and the worries set in.

    Lately, I feel like my patience has really been being tested in several very different ways. I think God might be trying to teach me several lessons lately. So much has been going on that when I finally settle in to type a blog, it turns into a rambling novel. I’m seeing now that all of it combined makes for a much better story as a whole and with a reminder of many of life’s lessons. So here’s a brief summary of everything that has gone down lately.

    A couple weeks ago I noticed one of my dogs was acting weird. By weird, I mean completely unlike herself. Usually she’s full of energy and seeking attention from anything that moves, but this day she was just laying down, not wanting to eat or do anything and she couldn’t seem to get comfortable. After spending a Saturday at the Emergency Vet and spending $700.00 (Ouch. There went my savings for getting the dog’s teeth cleaned.), we found out she had pancreatitis. Pretty scary. Thankfully she’s fine now. We managed to get her well opting for outpatient treatment and now I’m watching her diet more closely. Lesson learned here: Treasure what you have and be thankful for it, because nothing is promised forever.

    The same weekend, I had the opportunity to help out a friend by finding a home for her dog. The home I found was with my Dad who was interested in possibly getting this particular breed of dog in the future. Long story short, it didn’t end up working out how everyone thought it would and it really upset me. The dog is the sweetest thing in the world and just needs love but I feel like my Dad gave up on it too quickly and the patient person in me just couldn’t come to terms with it. The dog is still in my Dad’s care but I’m unsure if that will remain the case. I hope so though, because he really is adorable and a really sweet dog! Lesson learned here: Even when everyone is impatient, remain patient. Sometimes people will surprise you.

    Finally when things seemed to be looking up, I ended up throwing out my back by practically doing NOTHING. I literally bent down slightly to put a book on my shelf and my lower back lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s been a long week. I had so much trouble getting out of bed on Monday morning I was literally on the floor and I couldn’t move. Never felt that much pain in all of my life. Seriously thought I was going to have to go to the hospital it hurt so bad. I couldn’t even walk without being in excruciating pain. It’s much better now even though it still hurts to do certain things. I can’t wait to get back to normal. Lesson learned here: Never take your health for granted and count your blessings because there are people who aren’t as blessed as you.

    I think the overall lesson learned lately has been to take nothing for granted. There might come a day (and there probably WILL come a day) when you lose things you have taken for granted. It’s funny how as soon as something goes wrong you think about how you took it for granted. I tell you what, I will never again take for granted a pain-free back and a healthy dog! Remember to be thankful for all the little things in life, because out there somewhere are people who don’t have them!

    While on the subject of impatience. I’m also impatiently waiting for: Pottermore and The Sims Social.

    What about you? What do you most take for granted and where does your patience fail?