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Live With Passion

My Church started a new series on Sunday called At The Movies They’ve done this before and I always love it. Basically they take popular current/upcoming movies and find spiritual truths in them. This week was about Passion for God. Rob used the example of the upcoming Captain America movie and Steve Rogers’ willing transformation all because of his passion for his Country.

Between the online notes and discussing this last night in my Community Group, I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about it. Truth is, I feel like my Passion for God is somewhere in the middle of the scale. I feel like I have definitely grown in my relationship with God over the past few years but I still feel like there is a lot of room for improvement.

We talked last night about the things we are passionate about. I’ve been trying to think of the big things I’m passionate about and I feel like this is something I always have trouble defining. I enjoy a lot of different things but when you’re passionate about something you’re pretty much audacious when it comes to it. So what is it I’m audacious about? Here are a few things I think I’m pretty audacious, and therefore passionate about:

  • American Idol – I don’t know what it is or why, but I’m pretty outspoken about this show. I’ve joined Online Office Pools (and actually won a $10.00 amazon gift card for placing in the Top 10 of the pool for 2011), participated in message board discussions, gotten into heated debates, tracked DialIdol, made elimination predictions, and probably spammed twitter far too much all about this show. I think it goes pretty hand in hand with my love for music/singing. I feel like I know what I’m talking about and I feel like I’m a good judge of what’s good and what would sell records.
  • Movie Scores – I’ve always had a love for movie scores/soundtracks but over the last few years this love has completely blossomed. Even if I don’t particularly want to see a film, I will still listen to the score. Pretty often the score will even BE a reason I see a movie and in some cases might even make or break a film for me. I’m definitely not an instrumentalist (but I’d love to be one) and I’m certainly not a composer, but sometimes the music tells more of the story of a film than the film itself and that’s why I love it.
  • Weight Watchers – Since joining, settling into a more healthy lifestyle and having success I feel like this is becoming one of my passions. I love trying out new exercises and looking up new WW friendly recipes and trying out new food. I pretty much tell everyone I know about Weight Watchers and try and keep them up to speed on what the healthier choices are!
  • I know another one of my passions is FAMILY. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. I’m sure things like Crafts, Video Games and YA Fiction probably rank on my list as well. Like I said, I have a lot of interests and I think my passions change with the seasons but one passion should never change and should only become greater and that’s my Passion for God.

    I think a very big key to happiness is living life with PASSION. Maybe for you it’s just finding something to be passionate about at all or maybe you need to give up a passion that might not be beneficial and replace it with something that makes a difference in your life and/or the life of others. Either way, your life NEEDS passion!

    What are you passionate about?