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My Corner of the Web

I just got back from seeing an Advance Screening of Super 8 and I want to post my first review about it but I thought since this is my brand new corner of the web, I should properly introduce it before I commence with my excitable tidbits.

I’ve had many little corners of the web over the years. There was the infamous LiveJournal which I swore I’d never stop using and yet, I did. Then there was my very first personal site back before the term ‘blog’ was an everyday word. It was hosted on my brother’s software domain and it was called Simply Angelic. A name I thought was fitting since the name on my birth certificate is Angela (but everyone has always called me Angie) which means “messenger of God.”

Since then I’ve been here and there on the internet and most recently I’ve been blogging pretty irregularly over at so-starstruck.net. I guess I felt like maybe at this point in my life that domain didn’t really fit me. I wanted a place that defined me and served some sort of purpose. You can read more about all that on my unfinished About page.

This officially begins my new journey. I think this is but a taste of the change I needed and referenced in my very last blog on so-starstruck.net. I hope all of you will join me in bringing more excitement to the world!