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Invisibility & Inner Beauty

When I first started my healthy lifestyle one of the biggest things I had to change was work lunches. I, like many others, work on a street filled with nothing but fast food / unhealthy restaurants. Previously a typical week at work would consist of lunches from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut and maybe Subway or takeout from the Italian restaurant across the street. So out of those options, the healthiest go-to was Subway. So when I made the change, if I didn’t bring my own lunch, I would usually hit up Subway once or twice a week and get a Turkey sandwich with lots of veggies. We went there so often, we formed a friendly relationship with the management there. Hands down the best Subway in this city mainly because the family that manages it are really great people!

At some point, I stopped going to Subway so often. I opted for bringing in my own lunch every day and making my own turkey sandwiches at home. In fact, I think up until this week, it’s been several months since I even stepped foot inside that Subway. The other day, upon discovering someone had tossed the food I had left in the fridge over the weekend that I planned to eat for lunch, I got treated to Subway. I walked in and the manager’s jaw dropped. He joked that I could probably start eating unhealthy food again now and that I had completely changed. My Dad told him I had lost a total of 101 pounds and he joked and said that I used to be a “roly poly” and was talking about how unfortunate it is but that a lot of the world judges by appearances alone and then started grabbing his employees to tell them how much weight I had lost and that he remembered when “roly poly” came in to Subway before that. I almost wanted to be offended by being referred to as “roly poly” but I just laughed it off because I know he wasn’t trying to offend me or hurt my feelings but also because I’m proud that I no longer can be referred to as “roly poly” or any other similar term.

Proverbs 31:30

The entire situation got me thinking, though. It’s interesting having both perspectives now: the perspective of a person who is obese/overweight and that of someone who isn’t. I was really lucky even when I was obese because I was never really subjected to any teasing, bullying or anything like that and despite being unhappy with my physical appearance, I had found far more value in the person who I was underneath. My friends and family (for the most-part) never treated me any differently and for that I am extremely grateful. I think because of that I never really paid attention to how I was perceived by those around me but now I know I’m so much more aware of how being obese makes you invisible. The ironic thing is that the more weight you shed (and less space you take up), the more visible you seemingly become to the people in the world. I’m not just talking about getting more attention from the opposite sex, which is certainly true, but overall people are more likely to interact with you when you weigh less. I never was aware of just how shallow the world can be until after I lost weight and it really is a shame because I know there are so many wonderful people who are overlooked and ignored because they maybe aren’t “beautiful” by the world’s impossible standards. I wish more understood that beauty is only skin deep. If only certain people could have a Shallow Hal type of revelation.

That entire day was definitely a motivating day for me. Nothing is more motivating than when people you barely know or people you don’t know at all approach you and let you know how great you look. It’s been years in the making but that will never get old! Sometimes weeks go by and I feel like I haven’t made any progress but when things like that happen, it makes me realize that even if the change is small and unnoticeable to me, it doesn’t mean that change still isn’t happening. On Monday, Will and I both started the same workout program: Focus T25 which is pretty much kicking both of our behinds. His more than mine, which makes me feel pretty awesome. Bwaha! I expect as this process goes on, I’ll probably be gaining some muscle weight, but that just means losing inches. I’ll definitely be posting my results as I go through the program.