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2 Week Countdown Begins!!

So in exactly two weeks from this moment.. I’ll be on a plane heading to San Francisco, California! The season of “firsts” continues! My first solo flight. My first solo trip. My first trip to the West Coast. And also the longest time I’ll ever be away from home! So here’s our tentative plan.. oh, I say “our” because I’m traveling there to spend time with my friend (okay at this point I should just resign to the fact we are much more than friends.. and I should mention this is the ‘friend’ that traveled here and spent 2 weeks here with me over the Holidays).

So yeah.. our tentative plan is this:

  • Eat lots and lots of delicious food.
  • Road trip to LA and spend a week there. (My longest road trip, too!)
  • Go whale watching.
  • Visit his college campus.
  • Eat more delicious food.
  • Hang out: aka watch movies, play video games, cook together, etc.
  • Take tons upon tons of pictures. (okay this is more of MY plan)
  • So yeah.. when he visited here we had this entire list of possible things to do. We managed to do a lot that was on the list but there was a lot we didn’t get to. When we made the list we knew it was impossible to do everything so we just decided to do what we could and save the rest for another time. Same goes for this trip. Some things are already booked/scheduled/etc. But others.. not so much! I’m really excited about it, though. Especially after last week..

    Last week I was about ready to cancel the trip all together. Hit a little rough patch and was just feeling like maybe it was a bad idea but now I think we understand each other and are even closer from talking about it.

    Anyway, I don’t really know what the future holds for both of us but I’m just going to make this trip, the trip of a lifetime. I think this trip is going to teach me a lot about myself and also about him and I’m ready and excited about it! Right now I’m just busy with my figuring out what to pack and obsessing over flight details, flight procedures and security clearances. Since I’m a freak and worry about stuff like that. After that, the rest should be a breeze! Expect a full report during and after the trip!