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Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself

I’m not like the typical worrier, but that’s not to say I don’t worry. Most worriers worry about their jobs, their money, their family, their homes, the stuff they need to get done, etc. The important stuff I don’t worry about at all. I have this overbearing optimism about the BIG things in life, even if they seem bleak, I feel like they’ll always work out the way they are supposed to. People might expect this sort of outlook from someone who has always had everything they ever needed and wanted and has always had everything go in their favor, but this is definitely not the case for me. I have certainly had plenty storms in my life but every storm passes.

Have you ever noticed how perfectly blue the sky is after a storm? What about the plants? Have you noticed how they instantly perk up after a fierce storm? I feel like this is exactly why I am still so optimistic even though I have had to weather many nasty storms throughout my life. Sometimes there are blessings in picking up the pieces and lessons to be learned.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34

Like I said, I struggle with worry, too! I worry about really insignificant things. Mostly anything unknown. If I have an event coming up somewhere I’ve never been before I worry about getting there, getting lost, not being able to find a parking spot, being late, getting caught in traffic, etc. Pretty petty stuff to worry about right? I constantly have to remind myself of the Bible verse quoted above. Not to mention most of the time things end up working out perfectly and I wonder why I even bothered to worry about it at all!

Whether or not you’re a worry-wort, we all have our share of worries. What do you worry about?